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Sunday, July 11th, 2010
10:29 pm
Getting Settled
Seattle is starting to feel like home. I love my neighborhood. I love wandering around, hanging out in coffee shops, and being surrounded by gayness.

I started a diet. Went to the doctor last week and he is concerned about blood pressure. He pretty much said I am too fat and don’t exercise enough. I agree. The boys out here definitely are hotter and I could stand to lose a few pounds hopefully if I do this it will make a difference both in my social life and in my health.

Went out to a co-worker’s friend’s party. I was surrounded by fashion twinks and realized my game needs some fine tuning. Being in Kentucky I didn’t really care about trying to impress folks. Pretty much if you had a job, didn’t have kids, and hadn’t been in jail you were golden. Not so much out here. I swear I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful men and they are all talented, paired up and snappy dressers. I got step up my game.

Now if I could only find cute trendy shirts in my size. Damn you American Apparel, Zara, H&M, etc. Yet another reason to lose some weight.
Thursday, June 24th, 2010
4:09 pm
Starting Over
So I have been away for a while. I felt I did not need to post and like so many I was using Facebook as my main connector to folks. I have always been much more of a lurker on here anyways (there are people here who I feel like know pretty well but probably have no idea who I am).

I need this outlet again. Just moved for Amazon and I find myself drowning in my thoughts, fears, and insecurities. Don’t have anyone I fully trust to talk about these things in Seattle and the folks I had in Kentucky are getting subsumed in their own issues (plus a three hour time difference hurts people’s availability) so I return to Livejournal. Mostly, to organize my thoughts , but also to recognize pitfalls that have plagued me before and hopefully to avoid those.

So synopsis of the last year. My first year with Amazon, I was acting as a HR generalist and got to be in Operations for a little bit - in charge of process path. The fulfillment centers are where orders get filled at Amazon. Basically, stuff gets shipped to Amazon, we receive it and we stow it someplace in the warehouse. An order gets placed, someone picks that order, someone packs that order and someone identifies the best way to get the order to the person. It sounds easy but you would be surprised about how the amount of stuff going through our plant exponentially raises problems. The site runs 24/7 and since we employee almost a quarter of the available workforce in the area, I found myself in the middle some difficult situations – everything from dealing with theft to workplace violence to petty squabbles. These ended up being things that I excelled at. Working with people is something I thrive on. I had a great time in Kentucky. I did work all the time because there was always something that needed tending but I kicked butt. The social side of my life sucked. Only guys around where either young or already paired off. Plus in a small town everybody knows your business so I basically worked and tried to keep my nose clean.

Then I got promoted. Got to move to Seattle – super big plus – I can have a life again. Only hitch is I am now in compensation. I work with numbers. Amazon prides itself on the data. We record everything and the smart folks are the ones who can break that down. Amazon sees potential in me and wants me to develop this side.

I understand this. I have a great team. I have a wonderful boss. I have pretty cool job. I feel like a fake. I like numbers but I have never fully felt comfortable with spreadsheets. I am not an excel jockey. Everyone around me whips through the excel charts like there is no tomorrow. I am struggling. I have an MBA so everyone expects me to know all this already. I don’t. I find myself procrastinating, flubbing easy lobs, and I fear pissing away the good will I had created in my past job.

I know I can teach myself this stuff. I know that people on the team will work with me. I just worry that I am causing myself to fail because I don’t think I can do it. Wait that’s not right I don’t want to invest in this and then still see everything crash. Some where in my head I want to lie to myself and say you failed but you know if you really wanted to you could have done this – you just didn’t want to.

I can’t let that happen so here are the new goals for Seattle.

Goals for Seattle.
- Work out. Stress is something I carry so I need to find a way to deal with it otherwise heart attack here I come. Goal work out 4 times a week for at least an hour.
- Don’t procrastinate. I find myself going to gmail, facebook, chowhound, topix, and whatever site that will distract me from starting actual work.
- Learn VBA and Excel in depth. Start teaching myself the different pieces of the programs. Working on charts, learning formulas, pivot tables, etc.
- Teach myself Comp. Unfortunately, my comp learning is pretty nil. I feel like I have a decent handle on our philosophy but I need to look at how we put this in practice.

Okay this is all for now. I recognize this might also be a form of procrastination but you know what I feel a lot better.
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
10:58 am
Back in Boston
Okay a whirlwind of events kept me away from any semblance of normality:

1. Graduated and dealt with crazy family dynamics (I won't go into how we had to move hotels for my dad and his wife one hour before I was supposed to walk).
2. Packed up my stuff for a move to KY (Once again a realization that I have too much stuff but at least it is less than the last move).
3. Partied way too hard with all my B-school friends to say goodbye - all I have to say is Korean Karoke rocks!(It is hard to believe that I won't be able to see everyone at regularly scheduled events anymore).
4. Watched my new niece being born in San Antonio. Go sis!

5. Now I am in Boston for two weeks, to catch up with friends and hang out. Of course finding out that lots of folks are going to Chicago- can't win for trying.

If you are around and want to hang out, I would love to see all y'all. Miss my Boston peeps tons and want catch up.

I can't believe I am back after two years. It feels so good to be back.

- Xavier
Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
8:58 pm
All this homework is going to my head.
As graduation gets closer (two more papers and I am finished), I am taking stock of my life. I don't think I would have ever believed I would been about to graduate from Business School and taken a job at Fortune 500 company.

So much of my former life was focused on doing good, fighting the good fight. I don't think I have sold out. I think I have just changed my mantra. People have always been at the center of why I do the things I do and now it will be the center of my work life. I am excited to work for a great company who I think understands me and my faults. Hell, I think they hired me because I bared my soul during an interview taking a gamble by sharing my worst habit. This is the type of company that I want to work for. Plus they want me to challenge my colleagues. If I think an idea is wrong I get in more trouble for not saying that. This rocks. I am still scared that I have a lot to learn coming from nonprofits, but this is where I wanted to be - at a company with incredibly smart people working in an environment that is challenging. Let's hope I make it for the long haul.

I am starting to pack and I am finding stuff that I had forgotten about. Now I have to make the decision whether it is worth the effort of moving it to another state or if I should toss or donate it. Strangest thing I uncovered: A tube of Anchovy Paste hidden among a bunch of markers. It says it is fine until opening but I think this is heading to the trash.

Okay, time to work on the papers. I have been way too distracted as of late. One of the best distractions though is PBS's postings on Hulu. Everything from Frontline to Sesame Street. I will leave you with a favorite from a simpler time.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
10:02 pm

Just watched an amazing movie from the '70s called Network. The movie looks at the downfall of TV programming as they are being taken over by corporations whose sole purpose is to make money. The movie foretells the problems of shock TV and infotainment news programs. It is one of the best screenplays I have ever seen with character monologues that rival Shakespeare. Beatrice Straight who was only on screen for about five minutes in which she delivered a heart-wrenching monologue about her husband leaving her won the Best Support Actress Oscar. It remains only one of two movies to win three Oscars for acting (the other being a Streetcar Named Desire). Highly recommend it.
Friday, April 17th, 2009
4:55 pm
Secession is not success
It is times like these that I am truly ashamed to be a Texan. That Rick Perry, a fellow Aggie is talking about seceding from the US because of big government is just stupid.

I have another plan, why don't all those idiots who are bad mouthing Obama for trying to help the middle class leave the US. No one is making them stay. Obviously, they are un-American as they don't want to be associated with our democratic form of government. I think the US would be a much better place with these folks gone. Perhaps they can find harbor in someplace more fitting like Cuba or Haiti. Then lets see them complain.

- Xavier
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
9:17 pm
Pornography raising expectations of sex for young people. Who knew?
Thought I would share this great clip.

Semi-NSFWCollapse )

I couldn't stop laughing.

- Xavier
Monday, April 13th, 2009
9:50 am
Post Easter Blues
Loved this weekend. Ran a 5K with a bunch of friends, went out to the gay bars with two of my best friends on Friday, watched the game on Saturday, and Sunday did tons of homework. Sad to see the relaxed atmosphere end. Still have a ton to do and feeling a little overwhelmed - have to pack, plan my summer, and finish up a few class projects in the next three weeks. Everything will be fine but it is crazy to think that I will gone from here forever by the end of the month.

I find out where my first rotation will be this week. None of the places are super exciting but it will add another state to my growing list of residences. Luckily it will only be for 10 months and then Seattle here I come. I have to say it is crazy to actually have a moving budget. I can't wait to spend it.

Summer is going to be crazy. I am trying to figure out a trip to Greece, Albania, and Turkey. Plus, potentially something beachy with my family. I would love to do a family vacation with everyone, but we will see. Money is tight and it might be good not to blow all my savings on travel.

We will see.

- Xavier
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
9:26 pm
I can't believe I am so exhausted and classes haven't even started yet. Our leadership program finished up last night and my section won the overall for the Ross creativity challenge. The wins in the cook-off and the skit from our entertainment group added to a second place finish for our section video meant that we will get a tailgate party at the football game of our choice.

Pretty cool. Our group is going through storming currently though. The amazing wins of our initial work has cooled off as people are trying to position themselves as leaders within the section. I have taken a transitional leadership role as there was no official process for video selection and review. Mostly because my voice carries and no one else is stepping up. The group though questions everything and it has been like herding cats lately. Section elections are coming up though and I think people are trying to figure out whether they want to run or not. Me, I am not sure if this is the role I want to play in Business School. It would be cool but I am not sure if I want to deal with everything. The video selection tested my nerves.

We did have an amazing speaker last night and I was reminded why I love Ross. Jim Hackett, the CEO of Steelcase spoke. Steelcase has been a favorite company of mine. They have one of the only certified green building factories in North America and have won numerous awards for their innovative and eco-friendly design. His company is transforming the landscape of what it means to be socially responsible. Jim Hackett said many great things last night but the one thing that I was most struck by and hope that my classmates heard was his thoughts about capitalism. He said that capitalism failing, that mixtures of capitalism and socialism are kicking our ass in China and Japan and that we as a country and a world are going to need to take a hard look at this system.

Capitalism allows people to earn tons of money, but that benefit of capitalism is falling out of whack as too few people are earning the big bucks which means others are suffering in extreme poverty. This is a failure in the system. Extreme poverty is causing an imbalance and that this system is going to have to change and is changing in certain markets. It is our task to keep this in mind as we become business leaders in our own right. It was a great speech which I am not doing justice to in this blog.

It thrills me that we have a chance to talk with people like Mr. Hackett who has worked with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and William McDonough. He left us with one last piece of wisdom, that we are always either getting better or worse, we never stay the same. Even if we don't change, the world does and if we don't do anything we will be overtaken by those who do. It was a great thought to share as we all embark on this amazing journey.
Friday, August 24th, 2007
9:03 pm
Loving B- School

So I love B-school. Today was all about marketing yourself. It is hard for me to try to talk about what I have done because I think it comes off like bragging. I have had some cool jobs though and I learned that I got to get over that and let it all hang out. Of course in a tasteful manner.

The second part of the day made this experience for me though. All week we had been told about a mystery challenge on Friday. Most of us were grumbling about it because we were supposed to be busy till 8:00 on Friday night. I mean really this is school. Well we get to the pavilions and low and behold it is an Iron Chef Challenge. I nearly peed in my pants with excitement. There are six MBA sections at Ross and each had to cook a meal for 90 people utilizing the ingredients available. Each group was given a similar pantry and select ingredients that were available on a first come, first serve basis. We only had two gas burners and two large grills to cook our food, but had a ton of kitchen tools we could also use. The protein was chicken.

Alantria one of my fellow M-trekkers from Trinidad/Tobago knew I could cook, and nominated me to be Top Chef and since no one else wanted it I took control of our 80 person section. We broke out into 4 teams - main course, side dishes, appetizers, and dessert. We decided on a Southwest theme due to the food we had - peppers, jicama, lemons, limes, pineapple, tomatoes, black beans. The appetizer group decided to do a southwest brushcetta with grilled tortillas and jicama. The main course was a grilled chicken with a papaya salsa, the sides roasted veggies - potatoes, zucchini, corn, chayote squash, tomatoes, and finally for dessert a pineapple napoleon with fried filo dough layers. I worked with the dessert team mostly making fresh whipped cream, a berry sauce to compliment the honey sauce, and cutting up filo. I walked around making sure we had what we needed, tasting, making suggestions, and keeping everyone on time. Everyone pulled together, washing needed items, sharing ingredients, adding new ideas, and seeing if anyone needed help. The appetizer group wanted to add a drink to the menu so we came up with a watermelon sangria which rocked. The group worked well together and managed time well - roasting corn first, then the rest of the veggies, and finally the chicken. Most other groups finished way too early meaning that their chicken was dry and overcooked by the time it was ready to serve. By the end I was soaked in sweat, we did this all outside and I was exhausted from running around to the different stations and continuously going back for extra items, but our food was the best and we won the best food award. I totally felt justified and love that Section 4 came together like the rockstars that we are. This experience made me think maybe I should look at the food industry a little bit more seriously. Man, what a great way to begin my year. We even beat out one of the other sections who had a former professional chef.

Each section had to create a skit as well for entertainment and our entertainers killed making fun of the LA screenwriter who led our storytelling workshop. Our section took home best skit as well as best food. I love my section. Tonight, we celebrate our wins at the bar.

At times, I am afraid to take leadership but today, it felt great to lead my fellow students and to utilize the knowledge I have gleamed from numerous cooking reality shows and the Food Network. This experience is totally making me trust myself and my experiences more. I also love while other MBA programs are doing ropes courses (which we also did at Ross), the Ross school isn't all about the hypothetical or the unreal challenge. They make us apply what we learn in the real world and rise to the challenge or fail as a group. No other B-school I know of gives their students this type of opportunity for learning. It is going to be a great two years.
Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
8:51 pm
Prep for Class
Okay, so I am officially writing this from Zac my new computer. Very excited. Today was spent waiting three hours to get my computer to sync with the Grad School printers and email system. Now, when I get my new PDA I can have the entire B-school Calendar and Contact list automatically downloaded to my handheld. Gotta love education.

I spent the rest of the time reading for my first assignment. Nothing too heavy, kind of interesting but a lot assumptions not very well supported thought the thesis was cool - basically that we have to look to the creative side of mankind (artists, poets, actors) to learn to be better people. Improv teaches us to work as a team, poets and artists reflect on the current state of reality and strip away the illusions that we all hold about things being alright, and that all creative types now how to innovate on a schedule which business people don't do well.

Before I left, I attended one of my good friends' weddings. It was a great time with an open bar and tons of people I could say good bye too. I joked with Chrissy that I wanted to thank her for throwing this great good bye party for me. One of things many of my friends commented on was that I had lost so much weight my new suit hung on my like it was my dad's. I was a little sad about this because I had just bought this suit for school interviews and planned to have this for recruitment this fall. Well in unpacking, I found my old suit from ten years ago. I haven't been able to get into this suit for the last seven years and on a lark I tried it on. It fit. I can't believe it. I still need to get another one but hey that was a nice bonus.

Well I am off to a keg party down the block. I can't believe that partying is such a part of the b-school process. You can't find a night where a happy hour, reception, or party isn't happening and it will only get busier. Oh, and just for Jay. I wanted to let you know that I live on the same street as a many of the Michigan Frat houses. Eat your heart out. Love you all.
Monday, August 20th, 2007
7:05 pm
I feel like today has been the eye of the storm - tranquility preceded and followed by chaos. The past two weeks have been intense. Saying good bye to everyone and I know there are a few I missed (totally apologize for that), packing all my gosh forsaken stuff, and finishing up work. The move was great. My dad came up with his new wife. They just celebrated their first year anniversary and I have not gotten to know her that well. Dad was great. I have had my problems with my dad and I feel this trip/move brought us closer together. He finally understood what I do at work and got to meet many of my friends and colleagues.

Once we packed our moving truck, we traveled through Buffalo and spent the night near Niagara Falls which I have to admit was pretty cool. My dad and I got to Ann Arbor the next day and moved in. The power was not on and came to find out that the power company would not be able to turn it on for three weeks. I was livid. I learned to make do with flashlights and local take out. Not the best option though when you are trying to save money. Unpacking has been pretty overwhelming. I definitely have less storage space, but I did come to find out that I have access to the basement so unwanted boxes now have found a nice but dank home. I did feel proud that I put together my new IKEA bed all by myself. It definitely is higher in the middle and you have the uncomfortable feeling that you are rolling off if you sleep on the sides but hey I will fix that when I have time. Right now I need Kevbot to come organize all my books, DVDs, and CDs which threw up onto any shelf I could find. Lastly, I have been washing every single dish I own which is substantial when you have random things like food mills, tortilla presses, and cherry pitters, but hey I only lost four wine glasses so far. Then my packing was interrupted by my week long Mtrek, my first MBA event.

I signed up for a trip to Trinidad and Tobago with 11 other MBA students. Michigan has the option to send folks all over the world from China to Brazil to Europe. I picked the Caribbean since I wanted something relaxing (one group hiked the Inca Trail - more power to them but I don't want to be exhausted before classes start) and close enough not to deal with jetlag. It was a great trip and we just missed Hurricane Dean though it shouldn't affect T&T too much. We clubbed in Trinidad til 4 am and snorkeled in Tobago. Tobago was definitely the highlight. Our place was right on the beach in small village called Castara. The beach was literally 50 feet from our elevated apartments. We had great days of rain forest hikes where we swam in waterfalls and daylong boat trips to various reefs where we swam with stingrays. They were more tame than the press led me to believe. One of the best parts was fishing in the morning and literally grilling the fish we caught that afternoon for lunch. Also, visiting Nylon Pool which is a dead coral reef which has been ground down into this fine gravel by waves. You are literally standing in the middle of the ocean with all of your buddies drinking.

I liked most everyone on the trip. I think I pissed off one of my companions but I came to realize that I am not going to get along with everyone at B School - a good lesson to take away and remember. I am overall in awe of most folks though. These folks are some of the most interesting and motivated people I have met. I look forward to meeting more of my fellow students in the next week. I felt that the week confirmed that Michigan is the truly the best place for me and look forward to the next two years.

Our first leadership experience starts Wednesday so I have to take care of ton of little things before class begins in full. Well, I better get back. I just got my new computer and power was turned on today. I need to set up my laptop up for tomorrow so I can take it to the school's tech folks to get my internet and printers hooked up. Any ideas what I should name the computer - I hear Paris is already taken perhaps I should call her Lohan. Miss you all and hope you are all are doing well.

- Xavier
Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
9:57 am
Love my life so why are my dreams telling me to be someone else
So the training I stress over ever year is going great. Last night I took the trainers out to eat in Harvard Square. We drank, ate and had a more fun than folks eating at Tex-Mex-Cajun Restaurant with crappy margaritas should. We met up with some of the participants and ending up starting this huge dance circle to the great jazz being played by musicians next to the Harvard T Stop. We danced intensely for atleast an hour and came to find out that one of the participant's knew the folks playing. We raced back to the training site on the last T and I got a surprisingly nice sleep.

Dreamt last that night that I exchanged lives with jasereraser. I had a foul mouth which I loved, had tons of wicked cool straight girl friends, and ended up wowing everyone on the dance floor with my "So You Think You Can Dance" couple moves. If the dream was any indication Jay's life rocks. Maybe this was why sleep was so good.

Half way through the training which is good. The group is coming together. Today we have a House staffer coming to give tips on lobbying and the West African rep will be talking about organizing in Mali and Senegal which should be cool. I should get back. Can't believe in a few more days I will have a life again.

- Xavier
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
9:10 am
Spain was amazing. Sunny, vibrant, and yet stark. The people are beautiful and endearing. I loved it and want to go back. Work is overwhelming so I am only going to bullet the highlights.

• Breakfasts of churros and hot chocolate
• Beer always being an option as a breakfast beverage
• Open air markets
• Gaudi in all his forms and buildings
• Our resort in Cordoba
• La Mezquita
• The two hour lunches and dinners
• Creamy, deliciously cold gazapacho on a scorching hot day
• The rocky beach in Barcelona
• Sangria
• The amazingly cool shops of Madrid
• The gay comics exhibit in Chueca
• 1.8 million people there for Mado (Pride)
• Dancing with the hot crowd of bears until 5:00 in the morning
• Dinner at El Foc and drinking with the chef afterwards
• Waking up in tranquil El Escorial
• Watching the World Cup with people who give a damn
• The incredible seafood, pungent cheese and savory jamón
• The Prado, Thysssen and Reina Sofía
• The folks at Bears Bar Madrid

I will try to give more of an account when I have time. Currently trying to make sure the folks from Sydney, Ottawa, Accra, Beijing, Dakar, Hong Kong and everywhere in the US know where they are going when they arrive next week. Miss all of you and drinks are on me when I finally have more time in August.

- Xavier

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
12:47 pm
Happy birthday to a wonderful man. You were one of the first people I met out here and for that I will always be appreciative. You rock.

Happy birthday madknits !
Thursday, April 20th, 2006
12:06 pm
Springing into Action
I love spring. Everything is growing back. There is more sun (coming from Texas I love long sunny days even if they do get to damn hot). Different foods are back in the grocery or atleast affordable. Man I need to start throwing some dinner parties. Its is like everything is possible again and I am coming out of hibernation. Can't wait to start getting out the beach or the pool.

Looking at buying a place. Not sure if this is good thing but there is so much on the market now and I have some savings. I wonder though if I can afford it. It is good to have options though. Work is crazy I have over 100 interviews for students this next week and then we make selections next week. But you know I am not sure when work is not crazy. I feel like everyone who was hired with me is leaving the agency now and not sure what I think about that. This coupled with some friends leaving Boston is sad but hey life is change. Maybe I should start thinking about some grad program or looking for another job. Not sure what is next but the universe does conspire to take care of us.

Okay I am going to add my sleep position meme which is pretty interesting. Now I just need to find a person to share it with.

I am a pinching koala and tree!
Find your own pose!

Monday, March 13th, 2006
2:39 pm
I love Goldfrapp
Okay, way to much to get done before traveling to LA and Sydney, plus I think I am getting sick. Splenid. I blame all the great birthday parties this weekend and hanging out with the roomies. Bought the new Goldfrapp as I was buying presents. It makes me happy. Playing it non-stop. Excited to have a new cd for the trip - I know, I know - yes I still play CDs. A big thanks to Matt and Jay to introducing me to Goldfrapp. You all rock. Okay back to work.

- Xavi

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
1:17 pm
Feeling a little bit under the weather. Brodeur is in the hospital because someone fed him nuts. Too much to do at work. Do you ever have those days were you feel like everything you say is misinterpreted and seen as condescending? Today is my day. I am irritated and I think Porject Runway put me there. I was being good and not looking at any of the Fashion Week pictures on line and I have to say I was completely underwhelmed by the finale. Looking at the pictures now I actually think Kara Janx did the best job. Check out the pictures for her faux-keep-them-guessing Runway show.


I think I just want to shut myself away from everyone and work in my own little corner. Blah!

- X

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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
1:33 pm
Food, Food, Food
Recovering from Nashville, which went better than expected. Planning for LA and Sydney which is next week and I just found out I will be in Spain for July. Not sure if I should be excited or freaked. Too much work.

So I have been eating out way to much, I blame Restaurant Week. What can you say to great meals at the low price of $20.06 for lunch and $30.06 for dinner. I am like a kid in a candy store. So far I have hit Ruth Chris Steakhouse (the best so far), Blu (great view, good food - nothing to write home about) and later this week La Morra and 29. I love Restaurant Week. I know people complain that chefs aren't really into it and have to create a low cost meal which still highlights their amazing food. Servers hate it because you are getting swamped with customers yet you are making less in tips, but this week allows someone like me to try restaurants which I might never try and find some new favorites. It makes food accessible and allows me to sample a place which I might want to return to for a special occasion. I love it.

In other news Rouge is closing. Very sad. Some of the best BBQ in town. I have a gift certificate I need to use ASAP. Not sure what Andy Husbands is up to next but I am interested to find out.

I have been learning about supertasters lately as well. It is a very interesting condition where some people have more taste buds than others. This means they can detect chemicals which taste bitter leading to an avoidance of certain foods.

I have attached a cool test to see if you are super taster.Take the Super Taster TestCollapse )

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
8:53 am
After staying late at work, I just plopped myself down in front of the TV last night – the highlight of the night being Project Jay and secretive glances of George Duran on Ham on the Street. It was an orgy of beary men. Jay McCarroll is so genuine. When Heidi turned down his dress for the Emmys, it was heartbreaking and his confessions about his body issues were funny but so mutual. I also have to say I have not laughed as hard as did watching that show. He is such a deserving winner for Project Runway. It really makes Project Runway II look lackluster. I have to say I really don’t care who wins this time around.

Tonight my friends are hosting a roller skating party and a midnight showing of Xanadu at the Coolidge Corner. I wasn’t going to go but after watching a clip from ruggerdaddy from Xanadu I am rethinking it. I loved Xanadu as a kid. I remember dancing around to it my living room. I mean who wouldn’t want to be dressed in period pieces going from the 1950’s to country to rock all on roller skates. God, I was so gay. Maybe I will go to bearoke first and then the movie. If you haven’t seen it, here is the clip. And oh, Kev, Jay, and Joe this is my vote for gayest song ever.


Work is crazy. I have a feeling I will be here tonight late again - too much to do and not enough time. I am actually sad that I only had four days to work this week. I feel like I am a day behind on everything. Not a good place to be.

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